Flooring and Shower Restoration in Sarasota, FL

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The SunCoast Home Solution's Totally Comprehensive Flooring Menu, Installing Just About Any Flooring Surface You Can Imagine (sorry, no carpet).

Here, you will find an overview of our product systems. We welcome any questions you may have. Simply call us, or email us at info@schomesolutions.com

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Flooring Installation

Flooring Installation

Sometimes...you just want to change! If you want to switch your current flooring choice, SunCoast can help. We routinely install tile, laminate, and hardwood. Often times, you'd like to swap your carpet for a hard floor solution. That's why we offer flooring installation. If you choose tile, we can seal the floors as well as the grout for prolonged vibrancy. SunCoast tries to make the flooring installation process as easy as possible. We do NOT carry a catalog of choices, the choice lies with the customer. Take your time, go shopping, hunt for the best deal (we'd be glad to recommend places) and we will put your floor of choice in your home. This takes all the "markup" and inventory pricing out of our equation. We simply do the labor. Our flooring installation estimates include:


  • All Demo --- taking up the old floor
  • Installation --- including extra materials (grout/thinset/transitions for wood)
  • Expertise In Intricate Patterns For Tile (Herringbone, Diagonal, Brick-Laid and more)
  • Baseboards/Trim
  • Any Caulking Thats Necessary For Smooth Transitions


Shower Restoration, Refurbishment and/or Installation

In Florida, showers can be a nightmare. During the housing "boom" many homes were built simply too fast, with little attention to detail, and using sub-standard materials and workers. The number completed was more important than the quailty of the work. This has lead to some very disturbing shower installations that lead to tremendous problems. Mold is the number one nemesis of showers in tropical areas. Because of the warm weather, showers very often NEVER get any natural air. Rarely do they get any flow of air. Coupled with heat, humidity, water and water pressure, soap, shampoo, and body oils....a shower is an enchanted land for mold to live.

If the initial install was shoddy, mold comes quickly, but even if it was done properly, mold can STILL find its way into your shower. In these cases, you need shower restoration services.

At SunCoast, we've done so many shower re-installs, we've lost count.

The above 2 pics are BEFORE/AFTER shots of a shower that was built in 2005, and had already sustained significant moisture/mold damage...and the homeowners were meticulous individuals. It does happen routinely in Florida. That's why we offer professional shower restoration services.

If you have discoloration in your shower corners, in the grout, or on the wall, please call us for a FREE estimate on shower restoration services. It may be simple dirt, soap scum, or even mildew that does die with chemical cleaners. But if it persists even after cleaning, it may be a moisture problem, or even mold.

Make sure to see some of our transformations on the photos page!!

If our techs have installed a new tile floor, we can protect your tile AND grout for years. Contact us today for shower restoration services.

New Construction Is The Prefect Time To Protect Your Floor For Years To Come

Make your hard surface floor on your new home LAST for years. Aesthetically, your floor will look brand new, while your neighbors will show wear and tear, dirt, haze, and its lustre will be lost within 18 months, sometimes shorter...ask our install techs or estimator how we do it!!

We Specialize In The Tougher, Higher Maintenance Floors! Stone Floor and Countertops are Our Specialty!

Floors such as Terra Cotta, and especially Stone are extremely high maintenance floors...but not for SunCoast Home Solutions. We routinely have done the impossible where other "expert companies" have failed.

Granite, marble, travertine, mexican tile...we've restored them all. Please call and ask what would be the best process for your "tricky" floor. We have different solutions and price-points for each type floor.

Do you have Stone Floors, but you do NOT want them honed? Our machines do a remarkable job for the price point!!