Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Sarasota, FL

Restore Your Floors To "Like-New" with Our Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

SunCoast is perhaps the ONLY company in Florida, and one of the very few nationally that is equipped to either install a new floor for you, OR restore the one you have to practically new with tile and grout cleaning.

SunCoast's revolutionary process is one that is often copied but NEVER duplicated!! We've done over 1500 tile and grout cleaning & restoration projects, and have won every possible award one can win while doing it.

Grout gets DIRTY!! Its sneaks up on you. It doesn't suprise you one morning by being filthy...it often takes years to notice the change, but once the pores of grout are filled with dirt, and moisture from cleaning and mopping, a homeowner is typically STUCK. There are no household cleaners or apparatus to clean your grout's pores...you simply clean the surface and ADD to the "fullness" of the grout.

The below pictures, the tile was 40 years old, that's right, 4-0!!



The secret to tile and grout cleaning & restoration is technology and know-how. SunCoast offers both!! Cleaning tile and grout cannot be done with surface cleaner machines or plain human labor. What cleans tile well will not clean grout and vice-versa because they are completely different in nature. Both have millions of PORES, and tile is a hard surface, while grout is soft (grout is simply sand and water). So how de we do it? Technology. Our machines use a combination of surface cleaning and EXTRACTION. Something must SUCK the nastiness out of the grout, and out of the pores of the tile. Most companies employ regular surface cleaning machines such as an orbital, or some simply "scrub hard."

Your dermatologist would not treat a skin disease such as acne, by telling you to SCRUB HARDER. The pores must be evacuated

Can You Tell which area we've done, and what's left?

Can You Tell which area we've done, and what's left?

Our tile and grout cleaning results generally draw ooooh's and ahhhh's from our customers!! But the key to any restoration is the grout, and while the grout tends to return 5 shades lighter than before, often times its still NOT uniform. Your tile is clean, and so is your grout, but most times the grout still has variations in color (darker and lighter). Hers's a simple fact. No one on planet EARTH can clean grout BACK to its original condition after a year or so. NOT even us!

Grout is 10X more porous than tile, so the BEST way to gain uniformity in your grout is to use a sealer that has color. A sealer does that, but also, and just as important, it keeps the results over years. It puts an invisible lid on your floor!! Our ColorShield sealer is the very best product one can use, and we've tried every possible color-seal available. Our techs apply the sealer BY HAND to all your grout lines. It is a penetrating sealer, NOT topical. This is crucial, as the sealer changes the grout from top to bottom, NOT just the surface, which when broken down after time would reveal the dirtier and darker grout that was under the surface,

Our sealer returns your grout to its original color (or you can change it) and it STAYS THAT WAY.

SunCoast is totally GREEN!! We don't use any harsh chemicals, and the process is completely safe for pets and children. Find out why we have over 1,000 satisfied clients, and have won the Angie's List Super Service Award 7 consecutive years in a row.

Our tile and grout cleaning & restoration process is a one-day job for anything under 2500 square feet...so in one DAY, you'll have what looks like new floor!!